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Stop Crime Before It Even Happens

Crime Prevention Process Working At My Home

We will coordinate and work with local security company providers on your behalf to supply everything your property needs to have the Crime Prevention Process working. You will receive 1-2 proposals from vendors for your approval.


SiteSafe, along with the Crime Prevention Process raises your ability to create an alert that is many times better than the text based descriptions 911 allow or the poorly worded unclear images people use on social media to ask for help.

Once the video clip you or someone on your escalation list is emailed, every friend, neighbour, and community member on Lightcatch can see for themselves what is taking place and they can read how they can help.

Lightcatch 24/7 Operations Team Support

The Lightcatch Network Operations team will see the video you forwarded to the Lightcatch app.
We then initiate communication on your behalf to ensure proper contact with 911, police departments, and the community takes place.

You will be one of the very few who have clear consistent communication with the police and the public. Because everyone will be on the same page, effective prevention can skyrocket.

While there are many layers of defense in the Crime Prevention Process to prevent a crime from occurring on your property, if a crime does happen this team will spring into action. The video clip you share of a crime will be the catalyst for the Operations Team to get started.

By sharing the high quality video footage instantly we expect to maintain the over 80% success that is already taking place for thefts reported in under one hour. The community and police can help your property much more effectively because they will see clear video, a clear description of how to help, a location and time, as well as clear images to work with.

Peace of Mind

For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, several layers of defense will be protecting your property without you having to maintain or manage it all.

Avoid Uninsured Losses & Insurance Premium Increases

The best way to avoid the risk of a nasty surprise when making a claim on your insurance is to never have to make a claim in the first place.

Bonus Services

Insurance Safety Score & Report

See the tab titled Ins Discount for more information.

$400 in Rebates

See the tab titled Rebates to learn more. 

✅ As a Homeowner, I understand that,

✔ I must have an approved system that meets the Homeowner Protection & Safety Plan standard within 60 days of starting the plan.

✔ The Homeowner Protection & Safety Plan usually requires motion lighting, security alarm systems, security cameras and more, in order to work effectively together.

✔ Lightcatch will first confirm if my existing security systems can be incorporated into the Homeowner Protection & Safety Plan. If that is not possible, then the local supplier will provide a quote for all the items that will be needed.

✔ I must approve a local vendors’ security proposal before they can commence procurement and installation.

✔ As a residential property owner, I may need to spend between $50-$95 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ As a rural property owner, I may need to spend $70-$120 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ There may be one-time installation costs for outdoor lighting or other items.

✔ Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan coverage is
 $120 per year after the initial setup.

Your purchase is backed by our “Mission Guarantee”.  If even one crime happens on your property, it's free.

Our mission is “Prevention & Results Before Crime Ever Happens.” We back it up with a No-Risk Guarantee.

✔ If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan and you want your money back we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

✔ If you are not satisfied for any reason with the service Lightcatch delivers in this plan and you want to cancel we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

✔ If your Easy Security isn’t everything you expected, simply contact my customer service team at help@lightcatch.net and we’ll return 100% of your money, no questions asked. It’s that simple.