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Have you ever felt worried about the rising rate of crime around your home and neighborhood?

Have you ever called the police during a crime, yet the criminal got away before they arrived?

Have you ever reported a case to the police, only for them to inform you that they will not be able to help any further and it is now an insurance matter?

Crime Blocker™ builds on the proven success of Lightcatch technology.  50-80% of thefts have been recovered using the Crime Blocker™ process versus the 5-20% success most victims experience.  This is 4-10x better. 

When criminals lose 4-10 times more often, they learn to go somewhere else or quit. 

A few times we've seen criminals feel so defeated, they just abandon the stolen goods and walk away, versus face what feels like a certain arrest.

Unlike social media or private chat groups that create information silos and keep information away from the police, Lightcatch is safe, faster and engineered to get all of the communities support to the police.

The biggest problem will be that your home security is likely too weak to get the help the community will want to give you.

1 - Most have single points of failure. 

These unknown and misunderstood failure points lead to rampant crime against people who often feel sure they have good security. 

The most popular, highly rated systems often have the most failure points.

2 - Over 80% of crimes are reported over 1 hour late.  

3 - 99% of crimes do NOT have clear video of the suspect and the crime.

When the public has questions because the information isn't clear they often freeze and leave the problem for someone else.

4 - 100% of calls to 911 can not receive video, images or location information. 

Even if you invest in the right security, you can't send images or video information to the 911 service, so the police responding can't see it!

It often takes days for police to get information from security systems.

Every community needs to be able to instantly send information to their national, provincial or municipal police department. 

Crime Blocker solves the problems keeping people's homes from being secure.

 Crime Blocker Blueprint

We review every detail of your property security, ensuring multiple systems are all coordinated together, to get your property to match our Crime Blocker Blueprint.

The Blueprint will include 1-2 proposals from local vendors for Security System Equipment specific to your property.  These proposals will include all of the elements needed to make the Lightcatch Crime Blocker Blueprint come together for your property. 

Rural crime prevention has different needs than urban crime prevention and we have Blueprints for both.


SiteSafe raises your ability to send the high quality footage captured from your Home Security to Lightcatch in less than 10 seconds. 

We created an ingenious system that is never connected to your security so your data remains  private and secure.  (For the techies there are NO API'S, firewall holes, or configuration changes to your security system required.  All of that stuff is creepy when it's connected to someone's home security system!)

SiteSafe takes 10 seconds or less to create an alert when you need it. This saves precious minutes, as well as ensuring 100% of the data the community needs to support you, is provided.

 Lightcatch 24/7 Operations Team Support

The Lightcatch Network Operations team will ensure proper contact is made with 911, police departments, and the community in case you can't!  

We keep everyone on the same page and information often comes flooding in.

Bonus Services

 Insurance Safety Score & Report

A special comprehensive report on your property which you can provide your Home Insurance Company.  This report identifies why your property is now at a much lower risk from theft. 

With this written document you can qualify for as much as a 15% discount on your property insurance.  While some insurers only offer a 5-10% discount, by coming prepared with a clear and effective home safety plan, you will have as much negotiating power as possible. $100-$400 per year value

 Referral Rebate

Refer a customer to the Crime Blocker Plan and we will give you a $100 rebate. The new customer will get a $100 rebate as well. Both of you save $100.

If you refer a second customer they will get a $200 rebate, and you will get an additional $300 rebate. The 1st customer will also get an addition $100 rebate.

So you get a $100 rebate first and then a $300 rebate for $400 total to you. Each of the new customers also get a $200 rebate making up to $400 in rebates for the two new customers.
This is Up to $800 in value.

Everyone will save while even more Crime is being prevented near where you live.

Links to share the referral coupon via social media, text, or email available after purchase. 


✅ As a Homeowner, I understand that,

✔ I must have an approved system that meets the Home Blocker Blueprint within 60 days of starting the plan.

✔ The Crime Blocker Blueprint usually requires motion lighting, security alarm systems, security cameras and more, in order to work effectively together.

✔ Lightcatch will first confirm if my existing security systems can be incorporated into the Crime Blocker Blueprint. If that is not possible, then local suppliers will provide a quote for all the items that will be needed.

✔ I must approve a vendors’ security proposal before they can commence procurement and installation.

✔ As a residential property owner, I may need to spend between $50-$95 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ As a rural property owner, I may need to spend $70-$120 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ There may be one-time installation costs for outdoor lighting or other items.

✔ The Crime Blocker Service is $88/mo for 12 months.  On the 13th month Crime Blocker coverage lowers to
 $14 per month.


Your purchase is backed by our No-Risk Guarantee.  If even one crime happens on your property, the next 12 months are free.

 Our mission is to help everyone live safer.  We back this mission up with a No-Risk Guarantee for Crime Blocker customers.

✔ If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Crime Blocker service and you want your money back we will refund 100% of your purchase price or give the next 12 months service for free.

✔ If you are not satisfied for any reason with the service Lightcatch delivers in this plan and you want to cancel, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

✔ If this service isn’t everything you expected, simply contact customer service  at and we’ll return 100% of your money, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

Make it hard for a desperate criminal to get away with theft on your property.

Sign up today using the Add to Cart button below to ensure your property is secure.