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This sticker is meant for the exterior of any building or window.  The entire sign will reflect any light that strikes it.   

The irregular shape and word security is meant to help catch bad actors attention.  We are hoping to help create instant awarenes that there is a more sophisticated level of security at this location.  

Two smaller 3"x2.3" exterior stickers are also included.  These could be used for garage doors, windows, or rear entrances.

It is coated with a UV coating for durability.  It feels thicker and more metallic than a normal window sticker.  

This exterior sign manufacturer says it can be placed on brick, siding, stucco, or most irregular surfaces.   It is expected to have a lifecycle of 2-3 years.
Signs are built and shipped after a batch of 25 orders have been made. 

Price includes shipping to any location in Canada.