Property crime is a solveable problem.

My name is Darren Boyer, CEO & Founder of Lightcatch. I help homeowners and communities live safer. I got into this after designing and then funding a free crime prevention app called Lightcatch.

Once you see how well Lightcatch works once or twice you'll probably be like me, and the thousands of others who use it every month. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is no going back to the old way.

Unlike chat groups, social media sharing, and town halls that move slow and keep information in silos away from the police this is a much better tool that is designed to get information to the police.

If you don't want to be a victim of property crime do these three simple steps.
1) Get Lightcatch before a crime happens. It’s a free download designed to be used less than 5 minutes per week. By looking at others alerts, and helping when you can, you will be sending a message crime isn't easy where you live.

2) If you are a theft victim alert the public within 12 hours of the crime. When creating an alert, include a clear description of what to look for, what happened, good images of what was stolen, and be clear the police were contacted.

3) Create alerts on Lightcatch before crime happens. This unlocks the help of the community nearby. and multiplies the results. If your alert gets one or two witnesses that confirm the danger is real, this really helps police decide when to send resources and where to patrol.

Where people did just two of these three simple things in 2021 they got a 52% success rate in recovering stolen items. The communities that did NOT have these things taking place got a 19% success rate.  This was a 273% improvement against the bad guys. This happened in over 4 Cities and 10 Counties, so it can happen anywhere. The app has some rough edges, but if you want to reduce crime, it will still do the job.

Regions that sometimes did all three steps, saw their crime rates drop to being some of the lowest in the Country.

The sad part is, after years of data and measuring thousands of crimes, we know 80% of crime victims will NOT be able to do steps 2 or 3. Homeowners usually believe they won't be the ones in this group, but hidden failure points, keep their security from working as they think it will.

After examining thousands of crimes, I seen a few victims got 500% better outcomes than other homeowners. They had faster recoveries, more arrests, and more criminal convictions. It was amazing how much better the results could be. I learned the justice system wasn't as broken as people thought it was. Most people just don't know how to deliver what the system requires, and that you have to be ready in advance to get the system to work on your behalf.

I then interviewed security professionals that designed and installed the effective systems and learned more of their secrets. A clear pattern emerged in our conversations why they did things that way, and it began to make so much sense. They understood property security deeply, from their years of experience, and they knew where things could go wrong. I knew their experience was right because I had the data from thousands of crimes to prove it.

I took their lessons and built some more technology on top of their secrets so people could also get the benefits from Lightcatch in an effortless way. We call this whole package Crime Blocker.

With Crime Blocker everyone can have the secrets these professionals used to get 500% better results after a crime, no matter where you live.

Crime Blocker is what homeowners and business owners need to solve the issue of property crime. I guarantee you’ll be happy.

Crime Blocker

Avoid crime costing loved ones or yourself money, time, frustration, and worse. Use the Crime Blocker plan to eliminate the failure points most homeowners have and don't realize exist.

Crime Blocker doesn't replace your existing security, it removes the hidden failure points.

Crime Blocker comes with a performance guarantee. If even just one crime happens on your property we'll refund your full purchase price. Learn more.

Crime Blocker Work™

Use Crime Blocker Workto stop theft and vandalism at a commercial property.

Avoid uninsured losses and crime without consequences.

Signs & Decals Serve A Warning

These unique colors and reflective aluminum material warn criminals even in low light.
The 12x9.5 reflective aluminum sign is the most popular. 

Do criminals know about Lightcatch? "This place is crawling with Lightcatch" was what the police officer found on the abandoned phone of a crime scene just before the suspects disappeared and crime slowed right down in that area.