If even one crime happens on your property, it's free.

The Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan is what homeowners need to prevent crime before it happens. This system is so effective that if even ONE crime happens on your property we will refund your purchase price.

I’ve helped homeowners, neighborhoods, and communities live safer by designing, and funding a free crime prevention app called Lightcatch. It has innovations never seen before, and it broke ground on what was possible.

The results have been tremendous. Over 250 stolen items put on the app were recovered between Aug 2020 to Aug 2021. This is over a 50% recovery rate. These recoveries represent many happy surprised people as well as fewer insurance claims worth millions. It is amazing what a community can do to support crime reduction when they are given the right tools.

The Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan takes the power of the app to a whole new level. I guarantee you’ll be happy.

Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan

Stop crime before it happens. The Homeowner Prevention & Safety Plan creates protection so effective for your home it comes with a performance guarantee. If even just one crime happens on your property we'll refund your full purchase price. Learn more.

Signs & Decals Serve A Warning

These unique colors and reflective aluminum material warn criminals even in low light.
The 9” reflective aluminum sign is the most popular.  Exterior decals for as little as $25 below.